Firefox Quantum vs Chrome (62)

Just some numbers I pulled off of my MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) on some real sites, rather than benchmarking frameworks typically used for such comparisons.

The figures are in minutes.


Firefox: 0.32.70

Chrome: 0.37.10

Firefox: 1.05.08

Chrome: 0.49.02

Firefox: 0.08.10

Chrome: 0.03.80

Firefox: 0.27.40

Chrome: 0.37.30

Firefox: 0.37.60

Chrome: 0.27.80

Firefox: 0.22.80

Chrome: 0.38.50

Firefox: 0.11.80

Chrome: 0.07.60

Firefox: 0.11.20

Chrome: 0.11.00

Firefox: 0.06.70

Chrome: 0.02.50

Firefox: 0.08.20

Chrome: 0.06.40

These numbers clearly doesn’t indicate which one is actually fast though. Seems like Firefox has finally caught up to Chrome, at least in page load speed ;-)

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