Quikr: A growing platform for fraudulent sellers ???

Quikr brings sellers and buyers on one online platform to facilitate quick exchange of items of almost any kind. With their “doorstep delivery” option, they provide assurance of preventing you of getting cheated by any seller by holding the payment money in their own account, and releasing to the seller only when a customer has successfully received the product, in the condition as advertised by the seller.

This works well. Almost flawlessly. Except for the part when the seller tricks a buyer into buying from him directly, bypassing the quikr doorstep payment route.

And yes, their tricks are quite effective, I believe.

Recently I was looking for a used Playstation 4 console. And I did find a lot of sellers offering the same on quikr. With a market price of around Rs. 25,000 for the 500 GB variant in India, the range of price quoted by various sellers on Quikr ranged everywhere from Rs. 11,000 for a completely new, sealed package with 1 year Indian warranty, to Rs. 22,000 for 1 year used item having no warranty at all.

Rs. 11,000 for a brand new, sealed PS4, with full 1 year warranty? Just think about it!

In US, where this product is sold at it’s cheapest price, is sold above Rs. 18,000 (285 USD). How could these sellers in India sell it for Rs. 11,000?

Are they selling stolen pieces? May be. But then shouldn’t Quikr interfere here? Somewhere? Someway? May be..

Or, are they using quikr ads as baits, to trap potential buyers into their scamming activity?

What I experienced on Quikr in last few days, makes me at least, lean more towards the second case. Even more so after I had a brief chat with one of the sellers of Quikr, on WhatsApp.

I paid in full to quikr for a PS4 model this seller was selling for 13k. There was nowhere any mention of whether this is a new or a used piece. Except for just one pic uploaded by the seller in which this was shown to be in opened condition.

So, 2 days lapsed, quikr tried calling this seller multiple times. But, no response from the seller.

Oh, one more thing!

This was actually my 3rd attempt at buying such a console from Quikr. Earlier 2 had to be cancelled by Quikr, as sellers did not responded at all, after putting up the ads themselves, and the ads were just 2–3 days old. Also, I had already made full payments for the prices as quoted by both the sellers of my first and second attempt. (Did you smell something fishy here, yet?).

Anyways,,, frustrated, facing the same issue 3rd time, I decided to drop in a message to the seller using Quikr’s buyer-seller chat window:

“hey, why are you not picking up the call from Quikr? Do you not want to sell it?”

And this was this seller’s reply:

Tell me your WhatsApp number

Ok fine… I gave him my WhatsApp number. And guess what??? I got an immediate message on WhatsApp from this seller…. From the same seller who wasn’t picking up calls from Quikr to schedule doorstep delivery for a product, whose ad this seller himself had put up, and full payment had already been made.!!!!!

Below are the screenshots of my brief WhatsApp chat with this seller. (Do notice that international number).

What you guys think of this? At least of this seller? Should I have trusted him with the shipping money? Or should I report him to quikr? I haven’t done that yet.


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